Storyboard Systems

At TechOne Services, Elevate your operational efficiency and drive productivity with our comprehensive suite of software solutions. From project management to resource optimization, Storyboard Systems offers intuitive tools designed to streamline your workflows and enhance performance.

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Storyboard CRM

Our Storyboard CRM is Integrated with your all-social media & e-commerce platform. It is used for various industries, our software Provide a centralized database for handling & storing customer data including their communications details, purchase history and their contact information

◎ Manage marketing campaigns across social media and website interactions from a single platform.

◎  Easily raise, organize, and handle customer documents and invoices, simplifying your administrative tasks.

◎  Communicate with customers directly through the CRM, complete with recording features for comprehensive follow-ups and quality assurance.

Storyboard HR

Storyboard HR is a popular tool for organizing and protecting employee data, and we are competent at putting it into action. We have designed to streamline, automate, and save time on many parts of a company's payroll and human resources operations

◎ Centralized employee data storage for easy access and management

◎  Automated payroll generation for streamlined payroll processing

◎ Efficient shift management, leave, and attendance tracking

◎ Seamless recruitment and onboarding management processes

◎ Employee self-service portal for enhanced employee engagement and convenience

Storyboard Purchase

Storyboard Purchase improves the procurement process by automating operations such as vendor management, purchase orders, and the invoice process. It provides a consolidated platform for tracking purchases, ensuring compliance, and optimizing spending. Its real-time analytics and reports empower businesses to make informed decisions and improve cost control

◎ Streamlined vendor management for efficient communication and collaboration

◎  Simplified procurement management for hassle-free purchasing processes

◎  Effective stock management to optimize inventory levels and reduce costs

Storyboard Asset

Storyboard Asset streamlines the tracking and maintenance processes of physical assets, maximizing resource allocation and reducing worktime

◎ Track assets with ease using our asset book and asset register features

◎  Streamline asset write-off processes for efficient accounting

◎ Efficient shift management, leave, and attendance tracking

◎ Simplify asset identification and tracking with barcode management

◎ Manage Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) seamlessly

◎ Stay organized with our audit tracker for compliance and accountability