Manage the entire life cycle of employee onboarding process with Storyboard HR

Storyboard HR is a popular tool for organizing and protecting employee data, and we are competent at putting it into action. We have designed to streamline, automate, and save time on many parts of a company's payroll and human resources operations.

Benefits of Storyboard HR

◎  Digitalized Process to minimize error

◎  Reclaim critical time and focus on HR strategy

◎  Centralized employee data and automatic payroll      generation

The Features of our Storyboard HR

HR Management

Manage, train and handle employees and their department transfers with an efficient and streamlined process

Shift Management

Plan, schedule, and coordinate to guarantee sufficient coverage and efficient operations

Attendance & Leave

To Manage & Track records of employee absences, breaks, and clock-in and clock-out hours. biometric devices to reduce mistakes and enhance the procedure

Recruitment & onboarding

Identify, screen, shortlist, interview, choose, hire, and onboard employees with ease

Performance Management

KRA helps to achieve an employee’s Individual Goals

Payroll Management

Monitor bonuses, salaries, and deductions of employees

Employee Self services

Employees can access HR-related activities directly through a company's web portal or mobile app

Exit Management

Manage the full and final settlement of employees when they exit the organization

Why Storyboard HR?