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CRM solution helps businesses to manage relationships with customers and helps businesses to grow. It provides a centralised location for businesses to log customer interactions and helps to improve sales requirements.
An essential CRM system for a business wishes to

Storyboard CRM

Our Storyboard CRM is Integrated with your all-social media & e-commerce platform. It is used for various industries, our software Provide a centralized database for handling & storing customer data including their communications details, purchase history and their contact information

Benefits of Storyboard CRM


Streamline Process to high
conversion rate


Effective lead utilization


Increase your sales by
3x time in 2 Years

The Features of Storyboard CRM

E-commerce | Lead Generation | Campaign | Reports

Shopify, Website Analytics, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, e-mail, Daily & Monthly Lead Report etc...

Why Storyboard CRM?