Storyboard Purchase

Storyboard Purchase improves the procurement process by automating operations such as vendor management, purchase orders, and the invoice process. It provides a consolidated platform for tracking purchases, ensuring compliance, and optimizing spending. Its real-time analytics and reports empower businesses to make informed decisions and improve cost control.

Benefits of Storyboard Purchase


Reduces Negative Purchase

(Fire Purchase, Emergency Purchase, Unthoughtful Purchase, Excess Purchase, Unbudgeted Purchase, Ad -hoc Purchase)


Procurement Analysis

Comparing Quotation with
Different Vendor


3-way matching for payment process

PO: Purchase Order | GRN: Goods Receipt Note | Invoice

Feature of Storyboard Purchase

Vendor Management

Register the details from end to end. Easy to reach the right vendor

Procurement Management

Allocate the Budget for every department & compare the Quotations

Purchase Management

Raise Purchase & Service Order                                       

Stock Management

Process of managing the goods your business plans to sell

GRN Management

All goods have been received based on the PO and payment


Control the order, storage, usage of goods & materials in business

Employee Self services

Employees can access HR-related activities directly through a company's web portal or mobile app

Exit Management

Manage the full and final settlement of employees when they exit the organization

Plan Execute Result

  • Planned Purchase
  • Thoughtful Purchase
  • Priority Purchase
  • Right Product
  • Right Price
  • Right Time
  • Positive Cash flow
  • Quality end Products/Service
  • Higher Profits

Why Storyboard Purchase?